Dead Centre

Episode 9 - Remembering Sherm Lutz

May 30, 2020

No one did more than Sherm Lutz to promote aviation to Centre County. Hear the story of Centre County's premiere aviator and his surprising legacy. 

Thank you to the following artists for use of their music and sound effects in the making of this episode of Dead Centre:



Licensed under Creative Commons:


Coffee Shop
Pineapple Rag
Let’s Call er Lil
Policy Kin
Cows Mooing
Felix Blume
P-40 Takeoff
 Bi-Plane taxi
Apollo and Mercury Sounds
Stacatto Rhythm
Lobo Loco
Old plane fly-by
G20-o6 – Big Ben
Plane flying overhead
College Football Game
Bi plane engine revs
Vintage 2 Engine Prop Aircraft
Bombers diving
small prop plane
small propeller plane

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